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Dec. 18th, 2012


[Daily life~ Takarazuka]Lately, I'm not posting anything in here~ yeah, real life sucks :| and I don't have time to post in here since I'm really busy with my thesis. But, I found something really interesting in the middle of my hectic life! LOL Now I'm Takarazuka's fangirl! XDDDD I'm in love with Takarazuka when I watched Romeo and Juliette performed by Hoshigumi! KYAAAAAA CHIEEE!!! BENIII!!! >///////////////<

There's many people say that I'm weird because i like girl who dressed like a boy....most of them are my real life friend though and they're boys ==" so I didn't give a damn about their opinion LOL well, basically I never give a damn about other people opinion if I alredy set my mind in to something LOL I know what I like, and people just don't understand~ don't get mad~ just laugh with them and keep fangirling 8DDD

AND! I love them moreeeee when I watched Soragumi in Arashi ni Shiyagare LOL so damn funny! Poor Arashi! Poor Ohno! Poor Aiba LOL and Soragumi Otokoyaku...they are--flawless *Q* RIKA-SAMA!! MAA-CHAN!!!

So I'm downloading all of their famous stage play and being in love with the story too....YES! I shed a tear when I watched Elisabeth. That scene when Death and Sisi hugging each other.....OH MY GOD!!! Jun Sena face just too.....(I'm dying) her face full of emotion like "I miss you", "I love you", "I've been waiting for you".....and Kacha....LOL she's too cute to be Elisabeth LOL but doesn't matter, she's a good artist! I'm really touched by her perfomance. And she's one of my favorite Otokoyaku (eventhough she become Musumeyaku to play Elisabeth) LOL

Currently I'm downloading The Prisoner of Lilac Walls. Rika-sama become the main character in here and Beni got a character in this play too 8DDD I already shed a tear when I read the sinopsis.....LOL yeah, I'm such a cry baby =="
Can't wait! I'll write again about Takarazuka when I've spare time 8DDD


Jul. 6th, 2010


Title: Putih
Author: myaqumarine 
Pairing: Arioka Daiki x Yasuoka Reia (OC)
Rating: Segala umur tampaknya
Genre:  Angst
Theme: Non-Yaoi
Disclaimer: Sadly I dont own them :|
Summary: Seperti apa rasanya dilupakan oleh orang yang kau sayangi?
Putih.Salju itu putih, Putih itu salju....Collapse )

Apr. 5th, 2010

(no subject)

my twitter is over capacity now...=="
so i continue spamming in here...XDDD *kicked*

lately i posted my indonesian fanfiction here...since me and other indonesian lj users created a community and in that comm we can post our indonesian fanfiction....
this good idea came from fietha
she suddenly wrote her idea on twitter and i said "yes!!!lets make it!!!"
i am an indonesian ffc author, and i'm too lazy to translate it to english...since i'm not sure it would be good in english...i mean there's something missing when i'm translating my ffc to english...the feel.
yes...there's different feel when you write story in indonesian and then u translate it to english...and i dont wanna miss my feel, so i let it still in indonesian...=)
talkin' about fanfiction...i hv my fave author she is misara or imel...XDDD
yes...i love her description!!! i love the way she write her story and i love her plot...she is really talented...
my fave comedy author is fietha n misara again...XDDD
fietha surely crazy...ROFL *kicked by fietha*
and i love tari's ffc too...she write a good description too...XDDD
unyu write a good description, i can feel may emotion through her story...XDDD

errrrrr....ok...i wanna write new ffc...i have so many plot inside my head...
but i must study for mid test...
 i already study for a days and the subject not that hard if i study seriously...but i still wanna study, since i dont hv any self confident for this test...=( i'm not good with arithmetic...=="
ok i hate arithmetic but my majority is accounting, so i cant do anything about this...i must learn to love arithmetic, since this semester i hv mathematic 4 sks, statistic 2 sks, accounting 2 sks and cost accounting 2 sks...full of numerical things...@@
my fiend kiza said she will bury herself alive if she was me....=P
i feel wanna bury myself alive too...=P
ok i'm exaggerating thats not that bad...XDDD
i'm just too lazy to study...since i hate arithmetic..XDDD

i should stop writing now...XDDD
i must study accounting and english...so bye2...XDDD
sorry for this long post...just scroll down your page if u dont wanna read it...XDDD
this is so random...XDDD

(no subject)

[FANFIC] JUMP to Mount Fuji 


Title: JUMP to Mount Fuji
Author: myaqumarine and masudaiba 
Pairing: NONE
Rating: G
Fandom: Hey Say Jump
Theme: Non Yaoi
Disclaimer : just own this ffc
Genre: Comedy Horror
Summary : JUMP go to Mount Fuji...what happen with them in there???

So jump go to camping...what happen next?Collapse )


Apr. 1st, 2010

(no subject)


Title: Urban Legend in Jimusho
Author: myaqumarine 
Pairing: None
Genre: Comedy Horror
Cast: Yanooka, Ryuu, member HSJ dan karakter tambahan
Theme: Non Yaoi
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own them....i just own this ffc...^^
Summary: Ada sesuatu di Jimusho

GYAAAAAAA!!!! Hikaru berteriak keras...Collapse )

(no subject)


Title: I Wanna Live 100 years
Author: myaqumarine 
Pairing: Inoo X OC (Fei Thomas)

Rating: G
Theme : Non Yaoi
Disclaimer : I just own the OC...they're belong to JE and their parents..XDD
Summary: Inoo sakit, yabu malaikat, hikka iblis
Music: If you're not the one-Daniel Beddingfield *gw saranin baca sambil dengerin nie lagu*
A/N: Cerita ini berasal dr komik yg dulu pernah gw baca. Tapi cuma dikit2 doang diambilnya. 70% karangan sendiri....hehehehehe

kalau bisa aku ingin hidup 100 tahunCollapse )

Mar. 8th, 2010

Mash Game: Predict Your Future at eSPIN.com

Behold... My Future
  I will marry Takaki Yuya.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Bali in our fabulous House.  
  We will have 4 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a brown Ferrari.
  I will spend my days as a wine maker, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

Jan. 10th, 2010

my first post

My name irin....^^
i'm 18 years old....on june i'll be 19 years old....i'm getting oder...*sigh*
i live in jakarta, indonesia....
an university student....accounting program...
i love INOO KEI n YABU KOUTA...ok, lately i'm started to like Yaotome Hikaru....
i like the other unit like NEWS, KATTUN,ARASHI...
I like the Junior's too....
i'm johnny's follower....

ok...i think i just write this for my first post...
i hope i'll write another post ASAP....^^